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Dog Walking with Training in Central Marin 
Corte Madera, Greenbrae, Kentfield, Larkspur, Central San Rafael

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Marin County is a great place to live - especially if you are a dog -
with numerous trail walks, plenty of dog parks and beautiful beaches to play on.

Helpful Links:

Lab Rescue

Marin Humane Society

Marin WildCare

Milo Foundation


Zelda at Mount Tam Experience:
I moved to Marin in 2003 from the United Kingdom, where I worked for nearly 10 years at the UK Guide Dogs for the Blind as a  Certified Guide Dog Trainer and in kennels/dog care.

Before joining Guide Dogs, I was a Veterinary Nurse/Technician for 3 years, handling and caring for a wide variety of animals (and their humans too, at times!)

Since coming to Marin, my dog care business 'Cruse Control 55' has grown steadily. I now have a wonderful variety of dogs to walk every day.



Come Home to a Happy, Relaxed Dog!

We strive to provide the best possible experience for your dog.  Varying routes and supervised socialization with our other friendly dogs help ensure your dog will enjoy every outing.

We take dogs on permitted Marin County Open Space fire roads. Occasional visits to the East Bay and the marshes too!

A Day at the Beach

$25 per walk
$40 for double walk

Vinnie as a pup.


"PLAY & OBEY" - Dogs have a lot of fun playing together, and are always kept under close supervision. Recall (to voice and whistle) and basic obedience are practiced on each walk.



Reason for the Name "Cruse Control 55"

Cruse (the black and tan Rottweiler/Labrador second from the left) - was the most wonderful companion for over 10 years.  Everyone adored him, and my mother thought up the business name to include his. As for the '55' - well, that's my birthday-therefore a lucky number for me...!

Cruse & Friends

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Treat your dog as an individual. Not just part of the pack.